Gardeners…In Ballard you can get garden art and landscaping materials for your garden at 50% off every day

The REStore is one of two gems located in the Seattle area

REStoreIn my garden I have used French doors with the glass removed as trellises that I obtained searching through the treasures at REStore and Second Use.  Both stores selectively pull building materials from demolition sites and from community donations to fill large warehouse spaces that contain true Seattle treasures.  If you are not careful you can spend hours looking at the vintage hardware…possibilities.  On my last visit I found ornate light shades that I have hung and I am now using as planters to add some character and whimsy.  The brick and garden block is about 50% cheaper than retail and is ideal for all kinds of yard landscaping projects. If you love detail, texture, and color, these are both a wonderful way to recast your world.  I highly recommend both REStore and Second Use.

The REStore

The RE Store in Ballard sells very affordable building materials. It:
• Offerers quality alternatives to new products
• Stocks inexpensive, unique items. Examples include cabinets, doors, windows, light fixtures, tubs, sinks, flooring, molding, hardware, etc….   Scope out the wonderful tile selections
• RE Store is a practical alternative to dumping building materials. In 2010 the store saved a total of 4,503,000 pounds or 2,251.5 tons of building supplies.
• Sales total over 1.6 million dollars each year (based on items priced at 50% or less than the price of similar new items)
• Saving money for donors on their disposal fees while contributors receive a tax-deductible receipt or a in-store trade credit

Field Services-The following additional services are available to the broader community.

Pickups – we haul away usable stuff
Salvage – we strip out and remove doors, windows, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, etc.
Green Demolition “Deconstruction” Services with an emphasis on salvage and reuse
Previews and bids are free

When you are there ask about workshops, events, and recycled art programs.

Second Use

It is a little harder to get to, but it is twice the size, twice the selection.  Take your list of projects and set aside an hour, well two hours from your afternoon.  You can get address, phone number, and business hours if you click Second Use Building Materials, Inc.  They have put a lot of effort into the online catalog, but the recommendation still stands, take your time and walk the entire floor.   Second Use is tricky to find so click on maps and directions.

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