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For every $10 the typical household earns before taxes, almost a full dollar now goes toward gas; this has grown to be 40 percent bigger bite.   Transportation costs are the second largest item on any family budget.  The cost of a vehicle, the cost of maintenance of a vehicle, and the cost of gas plays heavily here.  High prices at the pump are putting a squeeze on everyone.

The average household spent an average of $369 on gas last month.  In April 2009 that outlay was $201. Families spend more filling up than they spend on cars, clothes or recreation.

If you fill up twice a week at $40.00 per gas station trip and you save 10 cents on each gallon you save $20.00 per week, in a month that is $80 to $100.  That gets close to $1,200 per year.  What could you do with that money?  Below are sites that help you find the cheapest gas stations in your area.  Using Gas Buddy I can easily save $0.10 to $0.20 per gallon.  Currently when I buy my groceries at Safeway (second lowest cost per gallon in my area) they give me a discount on gas purchases.  I spent $100 this past week on groceries (I did this at a 40% discount using specials and coupons) and then got $1.00 a gallon off of the gas for the car that I drive and the car my wife drives.  We purchased 40 gallons of gas to fill both cars and saved a $1.00 per gallon (this is off the second lowest price in our area).  I saw both my wages and the value of my house go down this past year.  My only option is to spend less and get more for what I spend.  I use Gas Buddy which I listed below and included two additional sites.

Cheapest Gas Sites

There are apps for your smart phone so you can access these sites on the go.


  1. I have to admit, I drive very little working from home. I walk most days to the post office, grocery store, etc. When I was traveling, gas prices dropped from NY to PA by 40 cents per gallon.
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  2. That’s a lot of saving! Thanks for the tips!
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