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Recycle, Recycle, Recycle…reduce your carbon footprint and save.

Estate SalesI have been exploring thrift shops and businesses that sell vintage throughout Puget Sound.  The next step in this process has been to shop garage sells and estate sells.  I have been looking for gardening pots and yard art.  I find that the savings can be significant.  The rules for shopping estate sales and garage sales are the same as purchasing from a thrift shop.

Estate Sells-Garage Sales

There are 40 plus companies that manage estate sales in the Puget Sound area.  Many of the local estate sales are posted on the EstateSales.Net Site for the Seattle Tacoma area.  This site will also provide you with pictures of items that will be offered, a written overview of items at each estate sale, date and times, as well as, maps on how to find the address.   I have also found Craigslist to be very helpful.  I review the garage and yard sales each week looking for items specific to my wish list and close to my home..

Any suggestions on other avenues of opportunity are greatly appreciated, please share your knowledge.

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