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Reduce gas consumption in Seattle…easier than you think

The first step was to turn my transportation plan away from a single car-single passenger plan to a mixed use transportation plan.  I did a lot of research up front so I can tell you about buses, etc, but the key was really simpler than that.  What people who are trying to reduce their weight will tell you is that if you log what you eat (please click MSN Today Health for research on this subject) you will double your weight loss results over those who do not journal what they eat.  I am finding that the same thing is true for me if I journal my weekly car mileage.  I use the device built into by dashboard that lets me track mileage and I record it weekly.  I have reduced my weekly miles driven in my car down to 70 to 80 miles each week.  I am now more thoughtful when I do use my automobile so each trip is shorter and has multiple goals, and I think twice before I use my automobile.  I use my computer to source the things I need locally, and I walk and ride my bike more if I think I am edging up to a weekly milage number that is not satisfactory.
Journaling my weekly car mileage has made a world of difference.

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