Journal Entry

A Seattle morning…

We watched the sun come up sitting on the beach at the Edmonds Underwater Park before we walked up the hill to downtown Edmonds and ate breakfast, one of those wonderful, too large breakfasts that where very close to my childhood memories of growing up in Illinois.  Just as the sun started to warm the morning we walked back down the hill and walked onto the Edmonds ferry to cross over to Kingston.  It is a Washington sort of treat for us to just stand on the back of the ferry and feel the sunshine and the special magic that is being on the water in Puget Sound.  We were fortunate that we had the back of the boat all to ourselves.  At least we did for maybe all of ten minutes.  We were joined by a young man who appeared to be in his twenties and he was carrying a keyboard.  He sat down a few feet from where we were standing and opened his case to get access to his instrument.   I would be the first to admit my thoughts were really selfish, that he was spoiling something really special.  All of this was confirmed when started to move his fingers over the keys and he seemed to be really shattering the moment.  Within minutes he was playing this soft, soulful jazz, rifts that lasted 10 minutes or more.  His playing was truly as beautiful as the sun and the water.  We see life through special memories and that is one of the lenses through which I see Washington.


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