Outdoor Seattle

Culture, sculpture, and a nice walk along the waterfront

Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Garden is easy to reach.  The downtown bus terminal is on Pine.  If you get off at that point and walk eight blocks you will come to the Pike Place Market.  The path takes you through the market and down the stairs to the waterfront.  It is about a ten or fifteen minute walk along Alaskan Way until you reach the Sculpture Garden.  My personal favorite is the piece called Wake by Richard Serra, though I have to admit it is really the walk along the waterfront that attracts me.  The sculpture garden runs down to a newly created beach where the plantings support habitat for salmon recovery.  It is a chance to be immersed in Puget Sound’s unique shoreline ecosystem. The naturally developing tidal garden features kelp, algae and other intertidal-zone plants that are revealed and concealed with the changing tides.  The paved walk will take you along the shore until you pass from the Sculpture Garden to Myrtle Edwards Park.  The Pike Place Market, the walk along the sound, and watching the sunset from the ridge in the sculpture park is a great memory to capture and a special gift that can be shared, especially if you stop for lunch in the market.  If you have not been to this park before you can click Olympic Sculpture Garden.

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