Outdoor Seattle

Seattle has a rich history of organizations dedicated to get you outdoors

You like biking, or hiking but you don’t want to go because your husband, boy friend, wife doesn’t share your enthusiasm.  Seattle and Washington have the answer for you.  The Mountaineers is a great example of the perfect answer.  Their organized activities span the entirety of the outdoor world in Washington (hiking, climbing, kayaking, biking, etc.).  They use a web portal to organize interested people by activity, and intensity level.  Prep classes are offered for novices, and training is done to qualify group leaders.  As an example hikers have a committee and a committee chairman that organizes the year’s agenda and offerings.  I think this weekend there are 80 different hikes being offered.  You will find the organization a wonderful social experience with people of like interests that you feel comfortable spending the day.  This organization has been offering activities to Seattleites since the early p rt of the last century.  If you ask the members of any given hiking party you will find that half of the twelve members will be there looking for a group of people who want to hike, but their friends, spouses don’t hike and they use this organization to bridge that gap, and the other six all know each other because they have randomly chosen hikes to join in the past and have met a huge number of people with like interests and they now regularly hike, camp, climb, kayak with these same people.  If biking is your thing you will find the Cascade Bicycle Club has a wonderful series of rides each summer.  The Seattle to Portland is their most famous ride each year.  Approximately 10,000 riders will participate this year.  A series of practice rides are held through the spring providing you an opportunity to meet others who will be participating.  The real magic of this event is that during the ride to Portland you tend to find yourself grouping with others of equal skills and you begin to socialize with those struggling to meet a common goal.  You ride 100 miles the first day sleeping over on church floors and on people’s couches.  The communities and churches around the half way mark open their doors and take in riders.  Around supper the first day you meet your fellow bikers.  This past year I formed into a group that was from Detroit, Indiana, and California that included several fathers and daughters that were sharing their last real weekend before college.  The club offers a variety of rides.  You need to sign up in January, but this is an absolute must.  I think the years I have demanding goals I usually lose 20 pounds getting ready for an event.  If you are a short distance runner or marathoner you will find sites that provide listings of everything offered through the season.  My favorite site is RUNNER WORLD, but you will find schedules, costs, and complete instructions on how to register at Running in the USA as well.   If these organizations don’t appeal to you there is a plethora of offerings on the internet that are sponsored and directed by private tour companies.

There is no excuse.  Use the tools to get active this summer



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