Mountaineers Books: Enjoy Our Natural Wonders Safely

Mountaineers Books

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Mountaineers Books: Enjoy Our Natural Wonders Safely

Have you wondered how long a hiking trail is, how to get to the trail head, how much elevation will be encountered, is this trail too difficult for my children, or too difficult for me. Mountaineers Books is where you find these kinds of answers, along with a trove of information related to enjoying the entire range of outdoor activities.

In Seattle and the Pacific Northwest we are blessed with natural treasures. We have opportunities for hiking, technical climbing, scrambling, camping, photography, sailing, kayaking, and skiing that range from the easy-family friendly to the rugged and extreme. This has been the genesis for Mountaineers Books.

As of today Mountaineers Books has over 600 titles in print that covers the range of outdoor activities, with 530 active authors. Nearly 75% of their books-titles are available in ebook format (the only ones not available are photography- or design-heavy books that don’t lend well to formatting) and are available on the Kindle, IBooks, the Nook, and many other platforms. You can find 5 titles to help you prepare and navigate the Pacific Coast Trail.

Mountaineers Books are sold all over the world from to Barnes & Noble and all over Canada, Europe, Australia, and beyond. I have a deep love and respect for the natural environment here in the Northwest, it has taught me that you need to be thoroughly informed before you go into the back-woods, the mountains.

Mountaineers Books

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Where Can I See Their Offerings

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