A Child’s Response To The Darkest Moments In Paris

 A Childs Respone To The Darkest Days In Paris

Photo Compliments of Day Donaldson

If we become angry and bitter, full of hatred, we lose. Our worst enemies cannot take who we are, or our freedom; we can only give it away.

These are the times that will test our generation, we will measure ourselves by how we reacted in our darkest moments.

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  1. If only flowers and candles could protect us! It would be a lovely, safer world. Oh to have the beliefs of a child.
    Donna recently posted..Traveling in Europe During a Time of UncertaintyMy Profile

  2. You know me, Charlie, I have tears in my eyes. How I wish flowers can protect us from the baddies of this world. Yet, flowers represent Beauty and Love, and when and I am saying WHEN more people adopt the attitude of Love, this world will change for the better. Bless you, my friend, for always messages of Hope and Love on your blog. (((HUGS))) Amy <3

  3. I saw this and it is beautiful

  4. Yes, I saw this on our news service at the time. That little boy and his father are both so brave. It really touched my heart.
    Sylvia recently posted..WPC: Transition over Venice LagoonMy Profile

  5. Charlie I have watched this video many times and with each viewing it burns in my memory. A gift of hope and love expressed so genuinely. I am delighted to watch it again today. Thank you.
    Sue Slaght recently posted..What Crazy Adventure Is This?My Profile

  6. It breaks my heart to know how a little boy worries about safety…
    Amy recently posted..CCY Rule of Thirds: Sun RisingMy Profile

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