Mistakes Are the Road to Creativity

Mistakes are version 1 and version 2 on the road to something wonderful and amazing, something truly creative… Mistakes are the road to creativity. The tools and the materials that we can now access in this process are as vast as the universe we can imagine. Our teachers can be Plato or Bob on YouTube who discovered the one thing he is really good at and wants to share. Whether we are beginners or serious collaborators we can tap into our own creativity in ways that that were unimaginable 20 years ago. We all can now shorten the path between mistakes and creative success and we can share that with family or to the vast universe. Now more than ever anybody can find the thing that makes them creative, it only requires desire and commitment.

Resources-Mistakes Are the Road to Creativity

How to Boost Your Creativity  



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  1. I keep following comments you are leaving on other blogs and decided to see what you have posted. I agree the best creativity comes from giving it a good try.
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