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Grandma’s Organic Catnip Tea

CatnipCatnip is a perennial in the mint family.  It releases a soothing aroma and has been used medicinally by humans for thousands of years.  Catnip contains nepetalactone, a natural sedative that can help you relax and get to sleep at night. It’s also a muscle-relaxer and antispasmodic that can be used to treat stomach cramps.  It may even help lessen the symptoms of migraine.


Use three teaspoons of fresh catnip or one teaspoon of dried catnip.  Boil the water and remove it from the heat. Allow the water to cool down before you add catnip. If you add catnip when the water is too hot it will lose its natural flavor and certain positive benefits. Let steep for five to seven minutes.  Cover the cup so that the volatile oil doesn’t evaporate, strain tea before drinking. I usually add a pinch of dried lemon balm to my catnip tea. Lemon balm has a mild lemony flavor that’s a nice compliment to catnip. A little honey is nice too.


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